About Us

As a little girl I watched my grandmother and my father run their own small business’ and eventually grew up to learn their business’ however I never felt as if I belonged, I went to school for business thinking one day I’d follow in their footsteps. Never did I imagine this would  lead me to where we are today. 

Last year with a global pandemic booming and entering motherhood, I was struggling…I rediscovered my love of yarn, I looked deep into that passion. I researched for months before sharing my idea for this business with my “Groovy God-Momma-in-Law”… little did I know that a week later a beginner set of dyes and a how to book would show up on my doorstep. 

After more research, trial and error, and lots of discussion with my wife and partner in business The Lab Fibers was created.Image of Owners, Kayla and Katelyn and their child.

We are here to bring soft squishy hand dyed wool to you. I want to thank you all for coming this far and supporting my art and family. I hope to continue to grow and learn with all of you.